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Solidworks 3D Drafting Services

Working from a penciled napkin idea to a working prototype, we create detailed, two-dimensional drawings with high precision, ready for manufacturing. We’re known for consistently being on time and on budget, with the ability to flawlessly execute complex problems. If you can imagine it, we can design and create it.

Our services go well beyond drafting. Our team has many years of experience in consumer and commercial products, machine and tool design, as well as all aspects of manufacturing development. We have developed successful solutions by employing the many functions of 3D CAD Automation to increase productivity. Better designs are created because our team has been exposed to a broad array of industries and can leverage that knowledge in order to maximize efficiency. We can work with you to set-up the necessary manufacturing either in house, with an outside shop of your choice, or with one of our manufacturing partners. We are offering our services as a complete “Product Development & Manufacturing Consultancy." Our services enable you to develop dynamic innovative products much faster and efficiently, cutting time to market while allowing firms to stay competitive without having to sacrifice internal man power or limit existing resources. SolidMasters provides an array of mechanical design and manufacturing business services. We can help with: drafting, product management, setting up engineering infrastructure, document control or manufacturing. We are well versed with the entire operational side of a manufacturing and can provide consulting at a level necessary to your business.

Our Drafting proficiency speaks for itself. Contact us for more information.

We share relevant clips on product design or development in a weekly basis.

MECHANICAL DESIGN COOKING BOOK A Video On The Finite Element Method. A very good recipe:

A Video On The Finite Element Method.

The finite element method is one of the most powerful numerical methods available for solving partial differential equations; which apply over complex shapes. Very often in engineering science it is difficult to solve a partial differential equation which applies over a complicated shape. The process therefore is to sub-divide the complex shape into lots of simpler shapes on which the complex differential equation can be solved. The process then is to solve the complex differential over each simpler shape and 'join' all the simpler shapes together ensuring compatibility and equilibrium at the inter-element boundaries. This often results in thousands of simultaneous equations which can be solved on a digital computer. Writing of the computer program is 'relatively simple' compared with solving such a difficult mathematical problem by traditional methods. The method can be used for structural analysis dynamics vibrations fluid flow thermodynamics acoustics electrostatics magneto statics seepage through porous media electrical and fluid networks electronics etc. etc. Large commercial computer packages are available such as PAFEC ANSYS NASTRAN ABACUS LUSAS etc. etc; which make solution relatively simple for most problems in engineering. For more information consult:

1) Ross C.T.F (1996) "Finite Element Techniques in Structural Mechanics" Woodhead Publishers Cambridge UK.

2) Ross C.T.F (1998) "Advanced Applied Finite Element Methods" Woodhead Publishers Cambridge UK.

3) Ross C.T.F. (1996) "Finite Element Programs in Structural Engineering & Continuum Mechanics" Woodhead Publishers Cambridge UK.




Make design changes quickly

A reality of product design is that there will always be changes known as engineering change orders (ECOs). Regardless of how sound an initial concept design is once various members of the design team -engineers non-technical sales marketing and supply chain partners weigh in on proposed designs changes will result. Designs evolve and improve as a result of such collaborative efforts; the design process therefore must also be flexible and fluid.

Because one change to a part often impacts multiple views of the drawing engineers designing in 2D must manually update all associated assembly models drawings views details and bills of material (BOMs) which is an inherently error-prone and time-consuming process. Making a change in 2D also often requires an additional round of drawing checking another time consuming and tedious process.

When engineers design in 3D however making a change is much simpler and faster. Thanks to bidirectional associatively all elements of a model are associated or connected. As a result when a change is made to a 3D model it is automatically reflected in all related drawings and associated views allowing the user to make changes quickly and proceed with the new design.

Parametric design functionality a feature of many solid modelers facilitates a user's ability to make changes quickly. By storing the relationships between the various elements of the design and treating them like mathematical equations it allows any element of the model to be changed and then instantly regenerates the model in much the same way that a spreadsheet automatically recalculates any numerical changes.

In parametric-based solid modelers all features and dimensions of a model are stored as design parameters allowing designers to make fast design changes by simply changing the value of the parameter. When a value is changed the model is automatically updated and all other model features and dimensions affected by that change update automatically. Bi-directional associativity and parametric design functionality speed design changes and greatly reduce the chance of errors.

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MECHANICAL DESIGN COOKING BOOK Introduction to Mechanical Vibration. Is recommended digest it with lemonade or a soda :

Introduction to Mechanical Vibration

MIT 2.003SC Engineering Dynamics Fall 2011 View the complete course: Instructor: J. Kim Vandiver

Fostering better design collaboration

As design teams get bigger more diverse and more geographically dispersed the ability to effectively collaborate on designs is now a critical component of successful product design. Solid models make collaboration easier because they are infinitely easier to interpret than 2D static drawings that represent the same design.

With hidden lines and mass properties automatically removed in solid modeling systems both engineers and laypeople can easily understand the design intent of a proposed design. This in turn greatly improves the ease and speed of obtaining design approvals because designs can be better communicated to management marketing clients and end users.Solid models also facilitate collaborative design practices by enabling 3D CAD data to be shared online so everyone involved can iterate on designs simultaneously.

The ubiquitous PDF file format takes this process one step further by enabling users to combine 2D and 3D CAD models with non-CAD data spreadsheets BOMs word files and share the files with any user worldwide who needs to weigh in on designs as they move through the design cycle.

PDF not only opens up access to millions of people it also enables recipients to inspect and interact with 3D CAD data. No matter where they are located members of the extended design team can offer feedback on designs early in the process when changes can be made quickly and less expensively.

Engineers simply convert CAD files to PDF files using the PDF conversion filters available for the major CAD applications and e-mail them to users worldwide. The recipients who could potentially include nearly 90 percent of Internet-connected computer users do not need to have any CAD authoring software. Instead they can simply open the file using free Reader software.

Once open recipients can further investigate the model provide feedback cross-section it save views mark up and redline the file take measurements add notes and much more.Authors of the PDF file containing 3D design data can synchronize the reviewers' comments into the original PDF document so they can keep track of all the feedback in one file.

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Our services consist of:

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